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1950. Raquel Barnatán born in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
1964Moves with her family to Madrid (Spain).
1968. Settles in London. Studies English Language and takes art courses at the British Museum. Her trips to Stonehenge and Stratford-upon-Avon are crucial for her decision about future steps.
1971. She studies History of Art and English Literature. Starts taking painting classes trying different techniques.
1974. Settles in Istanbul (Turkey) transferring her studies to the Bosphorus University and continues painting.
1976. Exhibition at  "Cybel Art Gallery" (Istanbul).
1977. Her daughter is born.
1978. Gets her B.A. in English Language and  Literature at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul.

1981-1983. Takes part in the workshop of the painter Hale Sontas, and practices the "Basma" and other traditional techniques of textile painting. Her frequent visits to The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations ( Ankara ) and The Archaeological Museum ( Istanbul ) inspire her to research on the subject of the Hittite Goddesses. Later she went on in  her studies discovering the goddesses of  the Cretan and other European cultures.

1983-1985. Studies towards a M.A. degree in English literature.
1986. Settles back in Madrid ( Spain), but retains a foothold in Istanbul.
1987-1988. Starts the design of a jewellery collection inspired in Hittite art.
1990. Creates her own company of jewellery design.
1990-1998. Shows her work in different fairs including Bisutex (Madrid).
1997. Exhibits her paintings at World Women´s Bank (Madrid).
1998. During the summer months works with the painter Ekrem Kahraman in Istanbul (Turkey).
1999. Opens a workshop in Istanbul and another painting studio in Madrid alternating between the two cities.
2001. Solo exhibition at Kibele-Space (Madrid).
2003. Exhibits at the CIM (Madrid).
2004. Solo exhibition at gallery  "La trastienda del arte / Coronado" ( Madrid ).
2005. Wins the A.C.A.M.S prize ( IX edition ) in Madrid.
2008. Exhibits at Java Studio in Istanbul.
2009-2011. Travels in Europe, Asia and South America, continuing with her work  on the "White Paintings".

2012. Opening of the solo exhibition "The White Goddess" at the Café Belén, Madrid.

2014. Takes part, with 9 paintings, in the Artquake Istanbul Biennale (Turkey).

2014. She is awarded with the IFA (International Forum of the Arts) prize for Excellence in Promoting Peace Through Art.
2015. Takes part in the "ARTQUAKE KYOTO - JAPAN CREATIVITY BIENNALE 2015".

2015. She is awarded with the Museum of Kyoto Painting Prize ( Japan ).

2015. Takes part with 4 paintings, in the group exhibition at Crisolart Galleries ( Barcelona ).
2015. Takes part in the group exhibition of AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors). Madrid.
2016. Takes part with 4 paintings, at the Small Format  Group Exhibition in Javier Román Gallery ( Málaga ).
2016. Takes part, with a diptych, in the group exhibition "Starry Night". Javier Román Gallery ( Málaga ).  
2016. Takes part, with 3 works, in the group exhibition Picassian October. Málaga.
2017. Takes part, with 3 works, in the International Art Fair Premier Art Fair. Hong Kong.
2017. Takes part with 4 paintings and 1 installation, in the “ ARTQUAKE KYOTO BIENNALE. Kioto ( Japón )
2018. Takes part , with 4 paintings,  in the group show, “CONTEMPORARY ART SUMMER EXHIBITION”. Marbella ( Spain )


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