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Exhibitions' Invitation Cards


Invitation for the group exhibition Junt-Arte, at Centro Cultural Abierto, 6 Doctor Velasco Street, Madrid ( Spain ).
The show, opens on April 14TH 2021, at 19 hr and closes on Sunday 18th April at 14hr.


Invitation for the solo retrospective exhibition in Espacio Cultural Abierto.
Doctor Velasco street no 6 ( Madrid ).
The opening will be on November 14th at 19.30h.
The show can be seen till 23rd November 2019.

Erótica - Eroticum

I take part with 2 works in the group  exhibition EROTICA-EROTICUM, at Santana Art Gallery, Madrid (SPAIN ). JULY 2019.

El retrato

I take part with one watercolour, in the group exhibition PORTRAITS, at the Santana Art Gallery. Madrid ( SPAIN ) AUGUST 2019.

Art Kyoto Japan

I take part with a diptych in the group exhibition at  Artquake Kyoto Museum. Kyoto ( JAPAN ) SEPTEMBER  2019.
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Paris mon amour

I ll take part in the group exhibition "Paris mon amour" with 3 paintings.
The show is organized by the Thuillier Gallerie. 13 Rue de Thorigny. 75003 Paris  ( France ).
From 19th April to 2nd May.
The openning will be on Friday 19th April from 18 to 21 h.

Próxima exposición colectiva en Madrid

I take part with one painting in the group exhibition WOMEN, organized by Feel & Flow Gallery. 20  Moratín street . MADRID. SPAIN.
From 8th to 23 rd March 2019.
Openning: Thursday 7th March 20 h.

Contemporary art summer exhibition

Takes part , with 4 paintings, in the group show, “CONTEMPORARY ART SUMMER EXHIBITION”. Marbella ( Spain )
Gran Meliá Resort Don Pepe. Marbella. Spain. From 21 to 24 June 2018.
Openning: Friday 22 June 2018, 20.30 hrs.

Art Quake Kyoto Biennale

I ll take part in the Art Quake Kyoto Biennale. Four paintings and one installation will be exhibited from 3 to 9 April.

International Art Fair 2017 Premier Art Fair Hong Kong

I will take part in the International Art Fair 2017 Premier Art Fair Hong Kong, with 3 canvases . March 23- 26.

Exhibitions Invitation Cards

I TAKE PART IN THIS GROUP EXHIBITION WITH 3 WORKS. The opening will be on Friday September 16 at 20,30.  Javier Román Gallery. Málaga.

Exhibitions Invitation Cards

The 14th May at 20,30 hrs, will be the opening of the group exhibition "Starry Night". Javier Roman Gallery. ( Málaga )
A diptych of mine will be on display.
The closure of the exhibition will be on the 26th May.

Javier Roman gallery

The 18th December, at 20 hrs, will be the opening of a group exhibition, at the Javier Roman Gallery (Malaga). I will have four of my paintings on display.
The show will be open from December 15th 2015 till January 7th 2016 .

Invitation for the presentation of the book “BEHAVIOUR GRADE: ZERO“ at AEPE’s showroom in Madrid

Invitation for the presentation of the book “BEHAVIOUR GRADE: ZERO“. The participants of Tomas Paredes’ s workshop, “Relations in the Art World” created this book with their paintings and poems.

The original  work will be exhibited at AEPE’s showroom in Madrid.

Raquel Barnatán shows her watercolour made in tribute to Stephen Dedalus, the main character of James Joyce novel, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”.


Thursday 10 September, 19,30 p.m.
Villaroel 43, 08011 Barcelona.

Artquake Tokyo 2015

Artquake Kyoto 2015 Invitation

Artquake Istanbul 2014 Inauguration

Artquake Istanbul 2014 Inauguration

Exhibitions Invitation Cards
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