Guía del Ocio. Madrid. 14th June 2004 · Raquel Barnatán · Spanish Painter, Artist Spain


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Guía del Ocio. Madrid. 14th June 2004

About Goddesses, seas and secret tears.
Raquel Barnatán shows us a new exhibition with her last paintings. Since 1968 when she starts to be interested in Egyptian and primitive art, her career has been developing until she reached a deep fascination for the Hittite Culture. Her studies of Art History and her visits to museums like the one of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara or the Archaeological one in Istanbul were vital factors in the development of her work.
The three series that we can see now, take us back to the aesthetic and philosophy of that culture (Hittite). "The goddesses" clearly show her nostalgia for matriarchal societies, for the goddesses of millenary pantheons, for the peaceful cultures where nature was sacred and there was a balance between the female and masculine. "Seas" represents water s different qualities, always connected to divinities. And a sentence by the Lebanese poet Salah Stetie served as inspiration for her sequence "Secret tears" : "Everybody, with its secret tear, waters a flower that only he knows".

( Translated by Raquel Barnatán )


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