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Why the Goddess Fortune is often shown blind?. She sails between sky and  earth, pouring out her gifts over the world. Nevertheless, that disturbing characteristic exists; does she pour out her favours guided by chance?. Or perhaps only the chosen may enjoy her presents?

In this representation, the artist seems to show that the heavenly bodies in the starry sky, as well as the blooming earth are hers and every mortal's home.

The story goes that Zeus, when small, playing with Amalthea, the goat milking him, broke one of her horns. God, to make up, decided that whoever could find the horn would enjoy the abundance of all kind of riches. Since then the cornucopia is shown overflowing with fruits.

Life -represented by the serpent- is our best possession, and in life we all find our horn of plenty, since life is abundance, though sometimes we only glimpse scarcity. It is actually us who are blind. This representation of the Goddess invites, with no doubt, to the joy of living.
Victoria Sendón de León
( Translated by Raquel Barnatán )



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